BobAnn Sailing The Sunset Tilt Florida Keys Sailing


A “Couple” of Captains were led to another adventure…



A “Tsunami”

that led to…


To see what’s next, visit SelahInTheStorm.com



  1. Oh Anne and Bob,

    I just finished reading your book. Your story is so compelling. While I did know of some of the story, this filled in the gaps. You both to me exemplify the most incredible love a couple can have for each other. What are the odds of two sailors finding each other in a divorce recovery group. Btw, I see myself as Carla in the group! I cried when you sold Seelah, but know good things will come your way. You are in St. Joe now and hope that is working out. I see you are in a women’s group. Do you work in that capacity? Hope Bob is doing well, you also. Someday, I hope to see you again. I am now working part time in an after school program, and thank goodness healthy. Love, Cindy

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